Glossary Help properties - On Premises: 6.4

Author-it Objects

The Help tab contains properties that define how the Glossary object will be published on a Windows online Help system. The properties define the title and how Author-it will build the pop-up definitions throughout the Help system.

Glossary title

Defines a title for the glossary in Windows Help. This title will appear in the contents of the Help system.

Definition pop-ups

Allows you to choose how Author-it will build the pop-up definitions in the Help system from occurrences of the glossary terms throughout the text of the help. There are three options, controlled through the following buttons:

Don't create definition pop-ups

Create pop-ups for the first occurrence of a definition in each topic

Create pop-up for all definitions

Pop-up colors

Allows you to choose the color of the background of the pop-up definition. You can choose between the background color of the topic that the pop-up is called from, or a specific color of your choice. You can select from the following two buttons:

Save as topic color


Glossary - Help Tab