Filters tab - On Premises 6.4

Author-it Objects

The Filters tab allows the user to create logical expressions to filter the content of a book at publishing time, based on the value of variable assignments and other settings.

Publishing Profiles Filters Tab

Exclusion rules

The expression builder creates filters based on a range of criteria. The filters exclude content from the published output.

Expression Builder

Select Matching Criteria or Topic to build the exclusion rule.

Matching Criteria: the content must meet one or more of the following criteria. Create individual exclusion rules when you have a number of criteria you want to match. This gives you the option of assigning either ALL or ANY exclusion rule logic criteria.

  • Release States: select an operator, then select from the list of release states.
  • Folder: select an operator, then select from the list of folders.
  • Include sub folders: check this option to include content located in all sub folders of the selected folder.
  • Variable: select a variable from the drop-down list, then select an operator, and add the variable value used in this exclusion rule. Depending on the type of variable selected (for example, Text or List of Values) a text field or a drop-down list appears.

Topic: use the Topic option to exclude specific topics from publishing.