Review & retranslate - On Premises: 2022.R5


When translation jobs are imported into the library, it is good practice to review the updated localized objects. If errors are identified, you can:

Ignore the errors: For example, a missing comma may not be worth updating.

Edit the errors yourself: this is not recommended, because changes will not be saved to the translation memory as used by the Service Provider.

Have the content retranslated: Ask the Service Provider to translate the content again (recommended).

  • Ask the Service Provider to retranslate and resubmit the translation into the translation cycle.


  • Manually flag the object as Requires retranslation and run the object through the translation life cycle again.

See also: Editing and Retranslation.

Use release states to facilitate the review cycle

You can use the Review module to add the imported content to a review. You can use the translation job settings to assign the review release states to the content when it is imported.