Filter variant objects in the Library Explorer - On Premises: 2022.R5


Related variant objects (that is, the primary object and all locale variants in this group) are stored in the same folder in the library. If you have variant objects for several languages you can use the Library Explorer's localization filter to display a selection of the objects.

Note: The filter does not work on Search results.

Author Variant Filter

The Localization Filter is located next to the Variants command group on the Manage tab (on the main ribbon bar).

  • To display all of the primary and variant objects in the folder choose Show all objects.
  • To display the primary objects only choose Show primary objects.
  • To display the primary objects and specific locales display the drop-down list and select a locale (a check mark is displayed next to the locale name). When this option is used, both the primary objects and the variant objects for the selected locale are displayed. You can display objects for any number of locales.
  • You can hide objects for a locale by reselecting the locale name to clear the check mark. Note, the primary objects cannot be hidden.