Troubleshooting: RDP connection failure without explanation - On Premises: 2022.R3

Troubleshooting Author-it


While starting Author-it using the remote desktop (RDP) connection, the connection fails without explanation.

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When you connect via RDP to Author-it, this is what normally happens:

  1. Your browser connects to the RDP server.
  2. The RDP server sends your browser a public key and a certificate.
  3. Your browser tests the validity of the certificate by connecting via a normal website (HTTP) connection to a Certificate Verifying Authority, which compares the Author-it certificate to its Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and approves the certificate, allowing you to continue and make the connection.

Whereas in the past there were only eight Certifying Authorities, there are now a proliferation of them. Microsoft keeps the list of these authorities on a website, and it updates the equivalent list in Windows software by means of Service Packs and Windows updates. It could happen therefore that your Microsoft list of Certifying Authorities is not quite up to date, in which case your Microsoft software may not recognize Author-it's Certifying Authority, and have nowhere to send the certificate for verification, causing the connection failure.


Run the Root Certificates Update program and then reboot the computer:

  1. Ensure that the latest version of the Microsoft Update for Root Certificates is installed: