Slide show transition variables - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Presentations

Transition variables automate the transition between items on a slide, and the timing and effects to move from one slide to the next slide for unattended slide shows. The publishing templates include these variables, which resolve during publishing. Variable values are set at topic level (slide), book (presentation), or library level.

Use the following variables:

  • SlideTransitionTime controls the time (in seconds) the slide is displayed before the next slide appears.
  • SlideTransitionEffect controls the transition effect used by Internet Explorer when moving between slides.
  • ItemTransitionTime controls the time (in seconds) an item is displayed before the next item appears.
  • ItemTransitionStyles defines paragraph styles used in item transitions.
  • PresentationAutoStart defines whether a slide show presentation will start with auto progression on or off.

You need to set up these variables in Author-it using the Author-it Administrator using the default values. The publishing templates already reference these variables in the title_template.htm and slide_template.htm publishing templates.