Slide show presentation layout - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Presentations

When you publish a presentation slide show, they publish to HTML or XHTML, which you view in a browser.

Note: You must run Author-it slide shows from a web browser and not from PowerPoint.

The presentation slide show layout uses a new three-frame frameset. The two main frames display the Slide in the left frame, and the Table of Contents in the right frame. The frameset always displays the Slide frame, however the Table of Contents frame has the option of being displayed or hidden. The Slide frame automatically resizes whether you show or hide the Table of Contents frame. The Control Bar appears in the lower pane and contains Play and Stop buttons for unattended slide shows, as well as a Show/Hide Contents button, a Help button, and an Exit button to end the slide show.

Create handouts of the slides by publishing the presentation to Word using the Word publishing template, After you publish to Word, check the handouts in Print Preview, then print the handouts. Each printed slide appears with a footer that adds the slide number and date the presentation was published.

Note: Printing six slides per page allows the slides to remain legible, but this may vary by printer.