Presentation customization with book templates - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Presentations

The presentation book template references all of the additional files needed to create a presentation based on a specific look and feel.

To change the look of a presentation all you need to do is change the book template and publish.

Create a range of presentation themes using different backgrounds, style formatting, and bullets.

Tip: Create a folder for each "look" you create. That way you keep all files specific to the new look together. For example, if you open the Author-it Square folder you'll find the files used to create the Author-it Square presentation theme. The files include background images, style sheets, and bullet images - everything specific to the Author-it Square style.

Each presentation theme should have its own set of style sheets and additional files such as background images. When you create a new theme, you also need to create a new book template. The book template includes the additional files needed for publishing to each theme. When you want to change the presentation theme of a slide show all you need to do is change the template the book is based on.