Manual navigation for presentations - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Presentations

Manually navigate through the slide show using the keyboard, the mouse, or by selecting slides from the contents pane.

Note: To use manual navigation, open the presentation in your browser but don't click the Play button.

Using the keyboard:

This Key

Does This

Right arrow, Down arrow, or N

Moves to the next slide

Left arrow, Up arrow, or P

Returns to the previous slide

Note: You can also use the Backspace key to move to the previous slide. The browser navigation returns you to the last slide viewed, and the slide sequence is based on the order in which the slides were actually viewed.

Space bar, or Enter

Moves to the next item

Using the mouse:

This Action

Does This

Left click

Moves to the next item or slide

Right click

Returns to the previous slide

Note: To use the mouse to control slide and item transitions, the cursor must be over the slide content. However, when the cursor is over specific types of objects (such as graphics, flash, embedded topics, expanding blocks, and links) the default mouse behavior for these objects overrides the slide navigation settings. For example, if the cursor is over a graphic and you right click, a menu for your graphic displays instead of returning to the previous slide.

Selecting slides from the Contents pane:

This Action

Does This

Clicking the toc show/hide button on the control bar
Pressing T on the keyboard

Shows the contents pane

Clicking on the slide's heading

Displays the slide

Clicking the close TOC icon on contents pane,
Clicking the toc show/hide button icon on the control bar,
Pressing C on the keyboard

Hides the contents pane