Extract the presentation files - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Presentations

The presentations.zip file contains a number of files and folders for creating your presentations. Extract the file to your Author-it 5\Data\Templates folder in order to retain the relative paths set up in the new Author-it objects.

Note: Depending on the zip program you use, the actual file extraction steps may vary. It's important to retain the same folder structure so the publishing templates are extracted to the corrext sub folders.

To extract the files using WinZip:

  1. Right-click the zip file and click Extract To...

    Winzip opens and you are prompted to choose a location to extract the files to.

    Note: Make sure the Use folder names box is checked.

  2. Select your Author-it 5\Data\Templates folder and click Extract.

    The files are extracted to that location and the folder Author-it Presentations is created. The folder includes a sub folder named Presentations which contains the templates and files used for publishing.

  3. Move the Presentations sub folder to the Templates folder so the file paths are correct. The templates won't work if the Presentations folder isn't relative to the library (..\Templates\Presentations).

Your templates folder should have the following new folders and files:

  • Presentations:A folder containing a number of sub folders that holds the templates required for publishing.
  • Presentation Templates.xml: An Author-it XML file containing the new Author-it objects and templates used in the library.
  • Sample Presentation.xml: An Author-it XML file containing a sample presentation that can be published from your library.
  • Presentations Documentation in .chm and PDF formats: A help file with the information on setting up and working with Author-it Presentations.