Creating a new presentation - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Presentations

Creating a new presentation is just like creating any other book in Author-it. You create a book object and add topics (including file objects) to the book. And like other books, you can reuse those objects across other books - as well as other presentations.

When you create a new book for a presentation, base it on one of the presentation book templates. The look and feel for the presentation is controlled by the publishing templates, style sheets, and additional files included for that book template. Quickly change the look and feel of a presentation by changing the template the book is based on.

Topic templates, media objects specifying custom HTML templates, and style sheets control the layout of the title and content slides. Title slides are used for the first slide and last slide of a presentation, and can be compared to the cover of a book - giving the presentation a visual beginning and end. Content slides carry across the layout theme, but allow more room for the content to be displayed.

When you’ve finished creating the book, publish it to HTML or XHTML and view the presentation.