Set up libraries to use Active Directory - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Administrator

When you are working in a library there are two steps to follow when setting up Active Directory in Author-it Administrator.

To set up libraries to use Active Directory:

  1. Map the library user groups to the Active directory groups. Ensure this step is completed first.
  2. Map existing library users to their Active Directory user. This step enables existing users to log in to the library using Active Directory. New users can be created by the library administrator (and mapped to their Active Directory user), or they can be automatically added by Author-it at their first login (see note). The maximum length for the user names is 20 characters.

Once the user groups have been mapped, the network administrator can take over administration for user access.

Note: When the user logs in to an Author-it library for the first time, Author-it looks for that user in an Active Directory Group. When it finds the user, it creates an account in Author-it, and assigns the Author-it group permissions based on the Active Directory Group/Author-it group mapping.