Set the groups a user belongs to - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Administrator

A user's security permissions are often determined by the groups the user belongs to - it's quicker that way, and easier to make changes. Groups usually define the security settings for users who perform particular roles - for example, Authors, Editors, or Developers.

If there is a conflict between permissions inherited from two different groups, the least restrictive permission is used.

To set the groups a user belongs to:

  1. From the main menu, go to Security > User and Group Accounts....

    The User and Group Accounts window opens.

  2. Go to the Users tab, then select the user whose group details you want to set.
  3. In the Group membership panel, specify which group/s the user belongs to.
    • To add the user to a group, select that group from the "Available Groups" list, then click the Add button.
    • To remove the user from a group, select that group from the "Member of" list, then click the Remove button.


  4. Click Apply to save your changes.