Active Directory in Contribute - On Premises: 2022.R3

Author-it Administrator

Setting Active Directory for Author

The Author module is ready for using with Active Directory once the Author-it groups have been mapped to the Active Directory groups in Author-it Administrator.

Setting Active Directory for Contribute

The Contribute module has additional requirements:

  • The Author-it group and Active Directory groups must be mapped in Author-it Administrator.
  • The Active Directory option in the Contribute config file LiveEditor.config must be set to ADLOGIN>TRUE>.
  • The web site must be configured in IIS Manager to use the appropriate authentication options.

Configuring Active Directory users for the library:

  1. Open the library in Author-it Administrator.
  2. Go to Security > User and Group Accounts > Groups.
  3. Map the Author-it groups to the Active Directory groups by selecting the Author-it group from the first drop-down list, then select the Active Directory group from the second list and click Match.

    A confirmation message appears.

  4. Click the Users tab.

    For any existing users select the user's name from the Author-it User drop-down list; add the user's Active Directory Name; update the groups the user is a member of if required; save the changes to this tab.

Logging in to the library as a new user

If a user has not been added to the library user list, when they log in to the library for the first time through Author or Contribute an account is created. The account includes their library user name, their Active Directory user name, and the Author-it groups they been added to.