Using the SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME variable


The "SYS_PUBLISH_xx" variables can be used in the Publishing Profile object actions and the command line code.

  • SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME: provides the output filename and file type.
  • SYS_PUBLISH_FOLDER: provides the path to the publishing folder for the output file.

Note: While many system variables are shown in the variable lists in Author-it Administrator or Editor, the SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME variable is not visible. The variable is only resolved in the Publishing Profile or command line action.


The variables are used to create a "generic" action that can be applied when publishing a variety of books or outputs. The variable option is "generic" because it enables you to create an action that doesn't point to a specific book or folder.

Example: A move action pointing to a specific book

When an action is added to a Publishing Profile that points to a specific book, the action will only be completed if it can find the file you have defined. In this example the file needed is the X3001 User Guide.chm (when you point to a specific book you must also define the output format).

Move Action with Specific Book Name

Example: A move action using a variable

As an alternative, you can create a "generic" action that is applied to any book. In this example the variable <SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME> has been used (the output format is not defined when you use the variable).

Move Action with SYS_PUBLISH_FILENAME Variable