Text variables


Text variables can be used wherever you want to place a standard small string of text.

  • Text variables substitute the variable with a string of text up to a maximum of 2000 characters.
  • List-of-value variables use a predefined list of values enabling the user choose a single value to match a particular context.

For example, you might be producing a manual for a piece of equipment that will be branded for one of three companies. To achieve this you create a text variable called <company_name> and add it to the topics where ever the company name is used. You then create a manual for each company and add your topics, and any additional topics specific to that company.

To turn this variable into the specific company name you assign the <company_name> variable to each company's book and update the value with the correct name.

However, to ensure the company name is used correctly, you make this variable a list-of-values type, and enter the three company names into the list. If other authors assign the company name to any documents, the choice is is made from the preset list, ensuring errors are not introduced by typing the text.