Single sign-on and Active Directory - Cloud

Troubleshooting Author-it Cloud

Single sign-on, or SSO, is an authentication method that allows a user to log in and securely authenticate in multiple applications and websites, by using just one set of credentials.

User permissions are granted by your site administrator. They will allocate the correct membership and group permissions to your company’s Author-it users. These groups are set up in a system called ‘Active Directory’(AD).

Note: In November 2021, the url for Author-it Cloud was simplified to

If your organization uses Single sign-on, replace xxx with your organization's unique prefix.

Previously the url contained \Admin\Login at the end of the url. This has been removed.

Those with bookmarks for SSO should update to the correct url

If you have any issues with Single sign-on your Author-it administrator is the first person you should talk to, to check you have been allocated the correct permissions.


Site administrators need to ensure that all users are set up with the correct membership and permissions in Active Directory using your company’s SSO-SAML solution.


You will only need to allocate users to one Author-it group. When users have successfully signed into Author-it, their access will reflect the permissions you have set in the user permissions area.