Publishing localized variant content


Your translated content is published by using Author or the Library. When you send a job for publishing, the publishing filter is displayed.

Depending on the module you are publishing from and the type of book you select (primary or variant), you may need to set the locale before you continue.

  • Author and variant book = no selection, because the locale has been pre-set against the book
  • Author and primary book = selection is required
  • Library and variant or primary book = selection is required

Which book do I publish: The primary or the variant book object?

When a book is published, the properties from the opened or selected book object are used. For example, if you're publishing to Word, the properties from the opened or selected book object are used when the title page is created for the document (book object properties, Print tab settings).

To be certain that the correct properties are used for your Print, Help, or Web outputs:

  • If you have a book that has been translated to a locale, you should publish the variant of the book so that you can use the translatable fields from the variant book object.
  • When you want to publish the source content, you should select and publish the primary book.

Publishing the book from Author

Select the locale variant of the book: In Author, the publishing filter is displayed with the locale assigned to the selected book. The filter is read only. Be certain that you are publishing to the correct locale, then click OK to continue. If you close the window without clicking OK, the book will continue to publish.

Author Publishing Filter

Select the primary book: In Author the publishing filter displays the locale drop-down list so you can select the locale you want to publish.

Author Publishing Filter for Primary Books

Publishing the book from the Library

In the Library you are prompted to select the language locale. Set this option as it ensures the objects using the correct locale are used for the publishing job - topics, File objects, object templates. Note, if you set this option to (none) you'll publish using the library's source language objects. Click OK to continue.

Contribute Publishing Filter