The Multi-Variant Publishing plugin

The Multi-Variant Publishing Plugin User Guide

The Multi-Variant Publishing plugin allows you to batch publish a book to any output, using any set of variants and variables. If you publish the book to PDF ProCSS, you can also merge the individual publications into a single PDF. This plugin is ideal if you frequently need to publish multiple variants of the same book, or if you want to create PDFs that have multiple languages included (for example, a user guide with instructions in different languages). Authors will save time by publishing multiple variants of the same book simultaneously, and merge multiple PDFs quickly and easily without relying on external applications or solutions.

The multi-variant plugin

Key features

  • Batch publish a book to multiple variants, select any set of variant criteria and variable values for each publishing job.

  • Save time by saving the locale, variant, and variable selections of a book, easily loading and even sharing them as needed.

  • Merge multiple PDF's together into a single PDF.

  • Create merged PDFs with a unique table of contents that links to the start of each published variation. You can also customize the names of the entries in the table of contents.

  • Add front and back matter to the merged PDF. Each front and back matter topic only appears once, and you can customize which topic templates the Multi-Variant Publishing plugin will use as front and back matter. 

  • Control which users and user groups can use the plugin, and which publishing profiles can be used with it.