Format and style the MVP TOC of merged PDFs

The Multi-Variant Publishing Plugin User Guide

When using multi-variant publishing to combine multiple PDFs into a single publication, it's possible to add a special table of contents, the MVP TOC. The MVP TOC has an entry for each publication inside the merged pdf. To give the MVP TOC formatting and styling that matches the rest of the PDF, library administrators will need to add specific rules to the CSS files that format their organization's PDF ProCSS outputs.

  1. In Author-it Cloud, go to <AWFM> > Common > Company Share > Templates > PDF ProCSS.

  2. Open the folder for the appropriate book template, or create it.

  3. Open [Book object template description].css, or create it.

  4. Add CSS to [Book object template description].css using the following CSS classes as required:

    • ul.toc li

      Targets the container of MVP TOC entries.

    • ul.toc li > a

      Targets the text of MVP TOC entries.

    • ul.toc li a.pagenumber::after

      Targets the content after the TOC Label of MVP TOC entries. Can be used to add page numbers to MVP TOC entries.

    • ul.toc li a.pagenumber::before

      Targets the content between the TOC Label and after the TOC label of MVP TOC entries. can be used to creat a dotted line between the TOC label and its corresponding page number.

Example CSS

/* #region MVP TOC - Styling for the Multi-variant table of contents. The entries in the MVP TOC link to the start of each publication in the merged pdf.*/

/* Content container for MVP TOC entries. Styles the container each MVP TOC entry is in, such as how much padding is around them. */

ul.toc li{

   padding: 0pt;                      


/* MVP TOC entries. Sets the styling for each entry, such as font family, size, and spacing. */

ul.toc li > a {

   font-family: sans-serif;

   font-size: 1rem;                      

   margin: 0pt 0pt 5pt 0pt;            

   line-height: 1.5;


/* Adds a page number to each MVP TOC entry. */

ul.toc li a.pagenumber::after{

    content: " " target-counter(attr(href, url), page);


/* Adds dots leading up to the page number of MVP TOC entries, creating a dotted line between the TOC label and its corresponding page number. */

ul.toc li a.pagenumber::before{  

   content: leader(".");              


/* #ENDregion MVP TOC */