Configure multi-variant publishing

The Multi-Variant Publishing Plugin User Guide

After installing the Multi-Variant Publishing plugin, some configuration is required before authors can create merged PDFs.


  1. In Author-it Cloud, go to Files > Common > CompanyShare > Plugins > MVP Plugin.

  2. Create a copy of MultiVariantPublishing.xml

    By creating a copy, you can revert to your original version of MultiVariantPublishing.xml if you encounter any issues.

  3. Open MultiVariantPublishing.xml

  4. To make publishing profiles available for multi-variant publishing, enter publishing profile object-codes in the required section.

  5. To grant users and user groups access to multi-variant publishing, enter user and user group descriptions in the required section.

  6. Create a copy of MultiVariantPublishing.xsl

  7. Open MultiVariantPublishing.xsl

  8. (optional) Change the topic templates that the Multi-Variant Publishing plugin uses for front matter, back matter, and the multi-variant table of contents (MVP TOC).

  9. Create a copy of MVPP_Sample-Objects-And-Templates_Author-it-Cloud_[Date].xml. Add the copy to My Files > Documents.

    This file contains an example of a book configured to be published as a merged PDF, and the default topic templates for the front matter, back matter, and MVP TOC of merged PDFs.

  10. Open Author, then click IMPORT > XML.

  11. Import MVPP_Sample-Objects-And-Templates_Author-it-Cloud_[Date].xml

  12. In Author, open the PDF ProCSS publishing profiles in your library.

  13. Ensure the publishing profiles don't have the after publishing action Clean Up Folder.

    This action deletes files that the Multi-Variant Publishing plugin uses to create merged pdfs.

  14. If the Clean Up Folder action is present, remove it, or create a new PDF ProCSS file that doesn't have this action.