Batch publish a book

The Multi-Variant Publishing Plugin User Guide

Use multi-variant publishing to publish the same book multiple times, with any combination of variables and variants. Batch publishing a book is faster then individually publishing it multiple times, especially if authors save the locale, variant, and variable selections for a book then load them later.


  1. In Author, select a book.

  2. Select Publish > Multi-variant.

    If the Multi-variant option isn't visible, contact a library administrator. They may need to grant you access to multi-variant publishing.

  3. Click + to add a publishing job. Add as many publishing jobs as required.

  4. Select the locale, variants, and variables of each publishing job.

    The multi-variant plugin

    Tip: Save the locale, variant, and variable selections for this book so you can quickly load them later.

  5. Click Publish.