Acrolinx IQ options - Cloud

Settings in Author-it Cloud

Use the Acrolinx IQ tab to set individual user preferences for content checking using your Acrolinx IQ server.

Acrolinx Tab - Cloud


Select the language used in the library from the drop-down list.

Rule set

Select the appropriate writing style for the type of document you are checking. The Rule Set determines which set of style rules Acrolinx IQ uses when checking a document.


Lets you choose the error types to check against, including style, spelling, grammar, and terminology rules.

Term sets

The term sets contain the list of terms approved for use, and terms that should not be used. Select the term sets you want to include when Acrolinx IQ is used.

Acrolinx IQ server address

Links to the server where Acrolinx IQ has been installed. Select Refresh to ensure the link is correct and Author can communicate with Acrolinx IQ.