Assign variables to locales

Setting up Translation Profiles & Options in Translations

When you are creating (or editing) a Locale record you have the option to assign variables with their localized values. By taking advantage of this option you only need to translate the value once; the localized value will be used each time you publish content using this Locale. This record is used to assign all of the variables you'll use in your content for a Locale.

To complete these actions you'll need to have the Locale record open.

Note: File object variables are not supported by Translations.

To assign a variables to a locale:

  1. From the Locale window, click Add to open the Add Locale Variables window.

    Add the Locale Variables

  2. Select the variables you want to assign to this Locale (selected variables are displayed using a checkmark) then click Add to list the variables field in the Locale record. The window lists all of the variables used in the Library.

    Add Locale Variables Window