Searching for objects in Author

Searching for objects in Author

When you want to find a related set of objects, especially when they're in more than one folder, or a specific object that you don't know the location of, use Author's Object Search feature.

Note: Although you can use Object Search to find all objects that contain certain words, if you want to highlight the word, you should use the Find & Replace Text feature.

To search for an object:

  1. In the main window or Editor, select Search.
  2. In the Containing Text field, type the search term or terms.

    Object Search (Simple)

    Use any of the following:

    • Type * to represent a combination of characters, including no characters.
    • Type ? to represent any single character.
    • Use "And", "Or", and "Not" to narrow your search.
    • Select Match Case to find text with the specified capitalization. For example, if you search for "Most", Author-it won't return "most" or "MOST".
    • Select Whole Word to find complete words only. For example, if you search for "enter", Author-it won't return "entertain".
    • Select Keep Results in Object List to keep the search results inside the object list. You can display the folder object list, or publishing pane, and then click the Search tab to display the search results list again.
  3. Click Find Now to start searching. Most searches take just seconds. Exactly how long depends on the number of objects in your library, which search criteria you have specified, and the performance of your computer.

    The Library Explorer window shows objects returned by the search.

    Note: If Author-it could not find any matches, a message appears. Click OK, and then re-enter your search criteria and try again. Use the advanced search to restrict your search criteria.

  4. Work with each found object as usual, and switch to Folders or Tasks with the found objects still displayed, so you can drag them into a folder or a

Note: You cannot use the filter button in the Author ribbon on a list of search results.