Search for metadata with multiple values

Searching for objects in Author

In this example, where the <Product> variable has been assigned as metadata to two topics, each topic has had a different value assigned; X1000 or X2001.

  • Topic 1 is assigned the value X1000
  • Topic 2 is assigned the value X2001

The following topics are returned using these search string examples:

Search string:

Topics returned:


Topic 1


Topic 2

<Product>=X1000 OR <Product>=X2001

Topic 1 and Topic 2

<Product>=X1000 AND <Product>=X2001

No results, because no topic has both values assigned

<Product>=X1000 OR X2001

Topic 1 (based on the metadata assignment) and any other topics with X2001 in the text

<Product>=X1000 "OR" <Product>=X2001

No results, because the boolean parameter needs to be written without quote marks