Save, rename, & export Quick Search results

Searching for objects in Author

The Quick Search window gives you several options for working with the results of your search.

Saving and reusing search results

The Quick Search window saves the results of each search you complete - you can go back to the results at any time during the current session, or keep them for future reference when you log into Author next time. This enables you to use the search criteria to format common or repeated searches (anything you need to check on a regular basis), and then just refresh the search to display the updated results.

After completing a search, you can right-click on the search name to access the following options:

Working with Search Results

  • Delete removes the search result from the Quick Search window.
  • Rename the default search name to an easily identifiable reference.
  • Refresh uses the criteria from the initial search to update the results - you can show new items that match the criteria or remove items that no longer match.

Exporting search results

You can also save and export the results as a comma-separated values list that is opened in a spreadsheet (or you can choose another application). Use this option when you want to compare the results from different searches. To create the list, simply select the search in the Quick Search Library Folder pane, then click Export Results. Save the list to an appropriate location for later use.