User & group roles in Reviews - Cloud


When an administrator adds users to an Author-it Library, each user is assigned a role. The role determines the user's level of access to the Author-it modules, as well as the user's access to Reviews and their Reviews subscription use.

Your library's Security Administrator defines roles in Reviews using by Folder Action Permissions in Author, or by using the user groups option in the Author-it Cloud prortal. The roles require a minimum of List Object and Read Object permissions.

(For the steps involved see: Assigning Users or Groups to Roles for Reviews )

Author role

In the author role, a participant uses Reviews as an editor but not a reviewer. This author role functions as:

  • A review initiator who creates, edits, cancels, and deletes reviews in Reviews by using the Review Form.
  • An authorized editor who approves or rejects reviewer suggestions and comments, discusses these suggestions and comments with reviewers in the discussion pane, and then edits the content in the quick-editing mode module.

Reviewer role:

In the reviewer role, a participant uses Reviews as a reviewer but not as an editor. The reviewer role is available when the reviewer is assigned to an active review. Reviewers in an Approval review must also have the Reviewer role enabled.

  • Reviewers make suggestions and comment on content by using Reviews. Suggestions and comments are read-only and don't affect the content.
  • Reviewers reply to editor's comments and other reviewers' suggestions and comments in the Reviews discussion pane.
  • Reviewer-only users cannot create, edit, complete, cancel, or delete a review.


Reviewer Admin Author Role

In this example, the entire group of Editors is checked for the Author role. A user from this group is therefore allocated the Author role, can log in if a subscription is available, and then

  • Use Reviews as an Editor only
  • Use the Review form to initiate (configure) reviews
  • Log into quick-editing mode to process Reviewer comments and edit source document content



In this example, anyone in the Reviewers group has the Reviewer role assigned.

They log in to Reviews, if a subscription is available, and function as a Reviewer. They cannot log in to quick-editing mode, or make any change to source document content.