Set user options in Reviews - Cloud


Set up your user options after you log in to Reviews. These include contact details for receiving emails and your time zone.

Note: If your email address changes do not update your email address in Reviews, make the changes in Author-it Cloud Settings. This updates your email address in all Author-it Cloud modules.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Configuring User Settings in Reviews

To update your user options:

  1. Click Options from the main menu to open the Reviews Options form.
  2. The settings in the Markup appearance pane control the display applied to insertions, deletions, and comments in the discussions pane. Modify these settings, or use the default options. See Reviews Options for details on the fields.
  3. Update contact details in the Preferences pane.
    • Add your email address and select your time zone from the drop-down list. By correctly configuring the time zone field, you see your local dates/times in email notifications and in the user interface.
    • (Optional) Add a picture. This appears in the News Feed page and in the discussions pane when you make or reply to review suggestions and comments.

      Reviewer User Options

  4. Save your changes.