Select the release states for an Approval review - Cloud


In the Review Form, use the drop-down lists to select the Review, Reject, and Approve states.

  • Review state: Topics to be added to the review must be in this state.
  • Reject state: Topics rejected by the reviewer move into this state.
  • Approve state: Topics approved by the reviewer move into this state.

The following behaviors are applied to the release states used in a review.

The Review state field in the review form displays the release state that the topic in this book must be in before it is reviewed.

  • The drop-down provides a list of all the release states (defined with the type "Review") that are not already in use for this book or any of its sub-books.
  • A particular book may participate in many simultaneous reviews, but each review must use different release states.
  • Once the review has started, the review state can no longer be changed.

The Reject and Approve state fields may need to be configured specifically for the Approval review. The Reject state should send the topic to an editorial type release state in which editors accept or reject changes. The Approve state should send the topic to the next release state, such as Release Ready or Released.