Select the release states for a Collaboration review - Cloud


In the Review Form, use the drop-down lists to select the Review, Editorial, and Next states for the content.

  • Review state: Topics added to the review must be in this state
  • Editorial state: Topics move into this state after being reviewed. They must be in this state to enter the Editorial process in quick-editing mode.
  • Next state: Topics move to a new state when they have completed the Editorial process. This might move the topics to a new review process or put them into a state identifying them as ready for release.

The following behaviors are applied to the release states used in a review.

The Review state field in the review form displays the release state that the topics in this book must be in before it is reviewed.

  • The drop-down provides a list of all the release states (defined with the type "Review") that are not already in use for this book or any of its sub-books.
  • A particular book may participate in many simultaneous reviews, but each review must use different release states.
  • Once a review starts, the review state can no longer be changed.