Select participants for the review - Cloud


In the Review Form, select the participants for the review.

Note: In an Approval review, it is not possible to add optional reviewers or set the minimum number of mandatory reviewers. All reviewers must complete the review.

Review Form - Select Participants

Requirements to select Review Participants:

  • You must have sufficient licenses to add participants. Monitor the License Usage function at the bottom of the Review Form. This number updates dynamically as you add or remove participants.
  • Participants cannot be both a mandatory and optional reviewer.
  • If you have selected the End review check box, there is a minimum mandatory reviewer requirement to be met. Customize the minimum number of mandatory reviewers by using the Minimum field. For the review to be considered complete, this minimum number must participate and Mark Complete for each topic review. In an Approval review, selecting a minimum number of reviewers is not an option.
  • At least one Mandatory Editor and one Authorized editor must participate in the review. Authorized editors edit a topic and accept and reject changes. By default, the review initiator is an authorized editor, so if you create this review, your name automatically appears under Authorized Editors.
  • To open a review, reviewers must have the Reviewer permission selected.

To add a participant to a reviewer or editor list by using search:

  1. Type the reviewer's name in the search field.
  2. Click to select the reviewer's name in the list.
  3. Click the add arrow to move the selected participant to a reviewer or editor list.


  4. (Optional) To add all participants in a folder, select the folder and then click the add arrow.


  5. (Optional) To remove a reviewer from the group, select the participant in the reviewer or editor list, then click the remove arrow to remove them from the list.