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The behavior necessary to select content for suggestions varies depending on the technique you use.

Example: selection for insert

When you create a suggestion for inserted text, the selection point usually appears directly before or after a word. Based on the location of the selection point, consider if a space or punctuation should also be included with the suggested insertion text.

Insertion After a Word

Insertion Before a Word

Example: selection including a space

When you select text for replacement or deletion, be aware of the start and end points of the selection. When making the selection, consider when spacing and punctuation need to be included in the suggestion. Once the editor accepts your changes, the suggested deletion is removed from the text, so you may end up with extra spaces or no spaces, depending on how you selected the content.

Best practice: apply the start and end points to the text, unless you also need to replace or delete a space or punctuation directly before or after the text.

Selecting a Word

Selecting a Word and a Space

Example: avoid adding a selection within another selection

If you want to make a suggestion next to an existing selection, be careful where you add the insertion point. In this example, the second selection point was added within the start and end points of the first suggestion. As a result, actions applied to the first selection also affect the second selection.

Best practice: do not add a selection within an existing selection. Add the second selection either before or after the first selection.

Selected Text

Selection Within Selected Text

Accepting or rejecting suggestions within other suggestions

Making a suggestion within the start and end points of another suggestion affects how the content is treated when using the accept or reject actions. In this example, two suggestions have been made, rather than the correct approach of using a single "replacement" suggestion.

  • One reviewer suggested that the text "quite a few" be deleted.
  • Another reviewer suggested within the first selection to insert the word "some".

The result is a suggestion within a suggestion, as seen in Reviews.

First Suggestion

Second Suggestion

When you open the topic in quick-editing mode for editing, the two suggestions may look like this:

Live- Suggestion Within a Suggestion

When you delete the first suggestion, you'll notice the highlighting (orange) appears around both suggestions. As a result, this affects the actions applied to the content by the editor.

Live- Accepting a Suggestion with a Suggestion

  • If the editor chooses to accept the suggestion and delete the text for the first suggestion, the second suggestion used to insert the word "some" is also deleted.
  • If the editor decides to reject the first suggestion and leave the text in the topic, the strikethrough text is removed and the editor can now accept or reject the second suggestion.

To avoid this behavior, don't make suggestions within the start and end points of an existing suggestion.