Select a book for the review - Cloud


Use the review form to add a book to a review.


  • To view a book in this list, you must have at least the List Objects permission under the folder permissions. Check with your Library's Security Administrator if you cannot see the books.
  • When the review starts, the book field becomes read-only.
  • While content is in review, any changes to the release states results in lost comments and suggestions. A warning message appears if a library user attempts to change the review state.

To add a book to a review:

  1. Start typing the name of the book in the Select book field to activate the predictive book search and display a list of books. You must type at least three letters before the predictive search displays the book list.


  2. Use the controls to navigate to more pages, or to refresh the selection.
  3. Click the book you want to add to the review.

    Use the Book Select window for advanced search options.

  4. (Optional) If you need to set up a review for a variant book, select the variant criteria in the Assignment column.

    Selecting Vairant Values for a Review

Note: You can also search for a book by using its object code. Start typing the object code in the Select book field to activate the search.
You can use either the book name or the object code, but you cannot use a mixture of letters and numbers.