Roles & license usage - Cloud


License use for a user with both Author and Reviewer Roles


When a user is defined as having both roles (both roles are checked in Author-it Administrator), he/she may be added to any Review as either an Editor or a Reviewer.
As a Reviewer this person uses a Reviewer License (RL) for the duration of the Review.
As an Author this person uses a Base User License (BUL) for the duration of each session in Reviews.

License use for the Author Role


Authors use a Base User License (BUL) for the duration of each of their sessions in Reviews.

License use for the Reviewer Role


A Reviewer uses a Reviewer License (RL) from the point of being assigned to a Review until the Review ends, regardless of Login, whether actively using Reviews, or whether the Review has actually started.

Note: It is necessary to commit licenses from the moment of Review creation in the Review Form because the software needs to provide feedback to the Review initiator at the point where he/she assigns users. Without this strategy, Review initiators would be able to create future Reviews based on unrealistic license availability.

A Reviewer participating in multiple simultaneous Reviews still only uses one Reviewer License, and can be freely added to further Reviews.

A Reviewer can be added to a Review at any point, and will then use a Reviewer License if he/she is not already assigned to any other Review.

License allocation: Author-it Administrator > Security > Allocate Licenses dialog includes a row for the Reviewer license token:


How are Reviews Licenses freed for use?

A Reviewer License is freed for further use when the Review ends, so long as that Reviewer is not assigned to another Review. A Review ends when:

  • The Review is completed automatically by means of release state change
  • The Review is completed manually when an Editor clicks the Review Complete button
  • The Review is Deleted
  • The Review is Canceled

A Reviewer License is also freed for use when a user is removed from the Review and is not already assigned to any other Reviews. This may be changed in the future so that it will not be possible to remove a Reviewer from a Review if he/she has made comments in that Review.

Reviewer-only Role limitations (these people have Reviewer role but not Author role)

  • A Reviewer-only role can participate in a Review as a Mandatory or an Optional Reviewer but not as an Editor (which requires the Author role).
  • A Reviewer who is assigned to a Review and using a Reviewer License can Log in but will not see the Review or be able to participate in it until it becomes active.
  • It is possible that in the future Reviewers will only be able to Log in to a Review when that Review becomes active.
  • It is possible that in the future a Reviewer who has made suggestions or comments in a Review will not be able to be removed from the Review until it is completed.