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The Reviews options form enables users to choose how the suggestion markup is displayed when they review a topic.

Review User Options

Markup appearance group

The Markup appearance options set the appearance and color of Insertions, Deletions, and Comments.

  • Appearance drop-downs - The effects used to identify a type of suggestion. When selected, effects should be different for each option. The defaults include:
    • None
    • Italic
    • Underline (default option for insertions)
    • Strikethrough (default option for deletions)
    • Highlight (default option for comments)

      Note: The actual effect is defined in the CSS; the Appearance drop-down list displays the names of the classes. The "default classes" defined in the CSS file can be altered or extended.

  • Color drop-down - There are two options to choose from:
    • By suggestion: A list of named CSS colors used to apply color over and above the class applied for the appearance. The color is applied to the formatting option selected in the Appearance drop-down list. For example, in the current review you can define the comments style as highlighting and comments color as yellow.
    • By reviewer: This option applies a separate color to each named reviewer, for the same review session, and across the three types of suggestion. For example, any types of suggestion made by participant "A" are colored blue.

Preferences group

The Preferences options enable users to define and update their profile and preferences.

  • Display name - The user name that is displayed in the application. The name defaults to the user name in Author-it.
  • Timezone - Select the timezone for your location from the drop-down list.
  • Photo - Add a picture that will be displayed in the review suggestions and comments. The photo should be no larger than 200 px by 200 px; if it is larger, it is automatically resized on upload. The photo displayed in posts is scaled to 35 px by 35 px.