Reviews shortcut keys - Cloud


Use the following keyboard shortcuts in Reviews. The options available depend on whether you are working with suggestions inside the topic pane or are moving between topics in the contents pane.

Reviews: Topic pane

Shortcut keys for working with suggestions in a topic.


closes suggestion toolbar when the toolbar has the focus


closes the suggestion window when the window has the focus


saves the suggestion against the topic

i key,
or Insert key

opens the insertion window after clicking in topic


opens the replacement window after selecting text

d key,
or Delete key

opens the delete window after selecting text

c key

opens the Comment window after selecting text

Reviews: Table of Contents pane

Shortcut keys for working with topic navigation.

Up arrow,
Down arrow

moves the focus in the contents pane to the next or previous "visible" node

Left arrow

when an expanded parent node has the focus, collapses the node, and hides child nodes

Right arrow

when a collapsed parent node has the focus, expands the node, and displays child nodes

Ctrl + up arrow

previous node in review

Ctrl + down arrow

next note in review