Reviews screen - Cloud


Reviewers use the Reviews screen to add suggestions to topics in the review state. Editors can use the screen to accept or reject suggestions prior to the topic being finalized and saved in quick-editing mode.

The areas of the screen are resizable, and the screen layout (location and width of discussion pane, width of the contents pane) is saved when you log out from Reviews, and reapplied when you next log in.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Reviewing content as a Reviewer

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Reviewing content as a Co-ordinator

The library and user details


The top-right corner of the Reviews screen shows the following:

  • Reviews logo: Click the logo to open the Author-it website.
  • Library name used when logging in (in this example, "acme").
  • Logged in user name (in this example, "Reeve Ewer"): This link opens the User Options window.
  • Logout: This link is used to log out from Reviews, and to clear the "Keep me logged in" option if it was selected at the time of logging in.
  • ?: Opens online help for Reviews.

Areas of the screen


Reviews ribbon bar


Reviews table of contents


Topic content in review


Reviewer suggestions and discussion pane


Publishing preview or History pane