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Release states include a review type that is used to categorize a topic's current location in the review cycle.

The "type" applied to each state is used to categorize the states when populating the Review, Editorial, and Next state drop-down lists in the Review form.

Release States Review Types Drop-down List

Clicking in the Review type column displays the drop-down list:

  • (none): Indicates that content has not been categorized. This is the default value when a new release state is created.
  • Draft: Indicates that content in these states is being drafted.
  • Review: Indicates that content is currently in review. In this release state, the ability to modify or delete objects is removed.
  • Editorial: Indicates that content is awaiting editorial approval. In this release state, the ability to modify or delete objects is removed.
  • Translation: Indicates that content is currently out for translation.
  • Release: Indicates that content in this state has been completed.

Note: Users will see only release states (or content where a release state has been assigned) if they have sufficient permissions.

Library based settings

  • Review type: click on the release state type field to display the drop-down list for the review types.
  • Default release state: (optional) automatically assigns the selected state to all new objects in the library. To assign a release state as the "default" state for the library, click in the default release state column at the intersecting point for the chosen release state; click again to remove the option from a release state.
  • Object color: (optional) the color applied to objects in Author and quick-editing mode to visually identify release states.
  • Review color: (optional) is applied when the book is published to Word. It should only be used for review purposes to identify content that has changed when you are not using Reviews.

    Important: Ensure that your "released" states do not use Review colors for your Word output. If they do, the published output will use the color as background highlighting.

    Administrator Release States

Group and user based settings

  • Release state permissions: assigned to groups and users. Users inherit the settings that are applied to their group. The release state permissions control the content that each user is able to view or work with.

    Administrator Release States - User options