Reviewer role - Cloud


The primary action of a reviewer is to inspect a read-only topic and make annotations to suggest ways to improve it.

Annotations include suggesting additions, deletions, replacements, adding notes, and discussing other reviewers' suggestions or notes.

Types of reviewer groups

During each review cycle, participants are assigned to one of the reviewer groups.

  • Mandatory reviewers - The participants for whom it is compulsory to complete the review of a topic in order for the review to be considered complete.

    The review form identifies the minimum number of mandatory reviewers that must participate before the review stage is complete. If this is a requirement of a review, the review may extend past its cutoff date until all mandatory reviewers have completed their reviews.

  • Optional reviewers - The participants who have the option whether to complete a review on a topic. Their participation is not required in order for the review to be considered complete. If optional reviewers are slow to review a topic, the topic may advance to the next release state before they even look at it.

Possible reviewer actions

During the review phase, users participating in a topic review may perform the following actions: