Review summary dashboard - Cloud


The Review Summary provides a dashboard with charts and graphs that summarize information for the user for a selected review. The summary header panel displays the book in review, the review state assigned to the review, and the start and finish times.

The chart section provides data on the content's progress through the review. Hover the mouse over a chart or graph to summary statistics. Four charts are available in the summary screen:

  • Progress by Reviewer: This bar chart shows the number of completed topics in the review for individual participants. The chart compares the total number of topics in review and the number of topics each reviewer has completed.
  • Progress by Date: This trend line chart shows how the review has progressed over time. The chart compares the number of topics in the review that have been completed to those that have not been completed.
  • Overall Review Progress: This pie chart shows the overall progress of topics in the review. The chart displays a wedge for topics not yet started (those with no suggestions or indication of completion), those that are in progress (those that have suggestions and are still in review), and those that have been completed (the topics that are ready for the editorial phase in quick-editing mode).
  • Topic Release States: This pie chart shows the overall status of topics in this book based on their release state. The chart shows a wedge for all release states that have been applied to topics in this book (that is, the three release states applicable to the review and any other release states applied to topics in that book).

Review Summary Screen

Working with the charts

You can work with the charts in the following ways:

  • Select a chart in the drop-down list to add it to the screen. Charts are in the drop-down list if they are not displayed on the summary screen.
  • Use the close button (top right corner of the chart) to remove a chart from the summary screen. Charts removed from the summary screen are added to the drop-down list.
  • Use the Show/Hide button (top right corner of the chart) to display or hide the content of a chart. When the chart is hidden, the chart header bar displays.
  • Change the layout of the charts by dragging them to different positions in the summary screen. Move the cursor over the header bar, and then drag the chart to the area indicated by the dotted outline.