Review participants - Cloud


The following types of participants play an active role in a review:

  • Review Initiator - Configures the Review Form to define users, dates, and the release states that will be used. By default, the initiator becomes an editor for the review.
  • Author - Creates the content and moves the topics into the Review release state in Author, thereby setting the topic as read-only and triggering automatic email notifications to all reviewers.
  • Reviewer - Inspects topics, adds suggestions, and marks their review as complete. In the Review Form, a reviewer can be a Mandatory or Optional Reviewer.
  • Editor - Views, accepts, or rejects comments in either Reviews or quick-editing mode. Makes any final changes to the topic by content using quick-editing mode.
  • Approver - Approves or rejects previously reviewed content.
  • Signer - Signs off the review after it has been approved.

Important: You need at least one Mandatory Reviewer and one Editor before you start either review type.