Review images, hyperlinks, & embedded topics - Cloud


Topics in review often contain images, hyperlinks, and embedded content that require further considerations for reviewing.


Add a comment for an image.

Important: When selecting an image, you must select a point before or after the image and then drag the cursor over the image. You cannot click an image to select it.

Best practice for images: Comments are the appropriate type of suggestion for an image. This is because changes to the image will be made to the File object, to the image file (by using an image editor), or to the topic layout.


Make suggestions for hyperlinks. However, the safest option is to insert a comment.

Important: When selecting a hyperlink, you need to select a point before or after the anchor text and then drag the cursor over the anchor text. You cannot click on anchor text to select it.

Best practice for hyperlinks: Use comments for suggestions on hyperlinks. The suggested changes often involve manual changes to the hyperlink object settings or to the anchor text. Be careful if you plan to use insert, delete, or suggested replacements with selected anchor text. These suggestion types modify text; any selected anchor text will change if you accept these suggestions during the editorial phase.

Embedded topics

When you make suggestions for embedded content, you must open and work in the embedded topic itself, not in the host topic. Embedded content shows in Reviews with a gray background.

To make the embedded topic available for review, it must also be in the appropriate review release state. When you've done this, the embedded topic appears in the contents pane under its host topic with the Pin icon. Open the embedded topic to add your suggestions to the content.

In this example, the host topic is History Of The Company and the embedded topic is Our Story:

Embedded and Host Topics in Reviewer