Requirements for creating a review - Cloud


Only users assigned by your Library's Security Administrator to the role of author in Author can create a review. Authors require at least the Folder Action Permissions and Release State Permissions that apply for each review. Authors use a Base User License for the duration of each of their Reviews sessions.

Create, edit, delete, and cancel reviews by using the Review Form.

  • Authors who start and create reviews are by default assigned as authorized editors in the Review Form. Authorized editors markup the content, discuss reviewer suggestions and comments in the discussion pane, approve or reject suggestions and comments, and ultimately edit the content in the quick-editing mode module.
  • Each Review must have at least one mandatory reviewer, which uses a Reviews License for the duration of the review, and an authorized editor, which uses a Base User License only for the duration of each of that person's Reviews sessions.
  • Only users assigned by the Security Administrator to the reviewer role can be added and saved as reviewers in the Review Form.
  • A review cannot be created with only an authorized editor. It must also have at least one mandatory reviewer.