Reminders & automate moving topics to editorial - Cloud


In the Review Form, configure these optional, additional fields:

Remind reviewers: Select the check box to automatically notify reviewers when time is short and a review is ending soon. Select a reminder time from the drop-down list. For example, notify the reviewer 1 day before the review deadline. If this Remind Viewers option is cleared, the reviewers aren't reminded.

Move topic to editorial: This option is not available in an Approval review. Select the check box to automatically move a topic to the Editorial Stage once the minimum number of mandatory reviewers have completed their review. Choose a minimum number value from the Minimum field under the list of Mandatory Reviewers.
The topic moves automatically to the Editorial state and the authorized editors are notified. If this option is cleared, you must manually move topics to the editorial state by using the Move to Editorial button.

See also: Automatically completing the Review Stage