News feed page - Cloud


The News Feed page shows the most recent activities on any review to which the user has been added as a participant. This shows listings based on system events such as:

  • Initiating, modifying, or completing a review
  • Reminders for reviewers or editors when a review is due to finish
  • Suggestions made for topic content, or accepting or rejecting suggestions

Message links

  • Click a link to a book to select the book in the table of contents pane and open the review summary.
  • Click a link to a topic to open the topic.


The avatar shown in the list is for the participant who completed an action. For example, Anne Ortha creates a new review and adds Tex Ryta and Dave Allippa as reviewers, and Reeve Ewer as an Editor. Entries are added to the News Feed page for each participant.

Refreshing the News Feed page

Select the News Feed icon at the top of the table of contents pane to view the latest news items. News Feed notifications are updated when the page is opened, and continue to be updated approximately every 30 seconds while the page stays open. The page displays the last 25 notifications.

Note: News Feed uses a service to get the avatar images for the News Feed page; it only retrieves images that have changed.

News Feed Page