Move a topic to the editorial stage - Cloud


A topic moves into the editorial stage when the release state for that review switches to Edit. This triggers a notification to the participants listed as authorized editors for the review, enabling them to begin the topic's editorial stage.

The Edit release state switches either automatically or manually, depending on the action you choose when you set up the review form.

Moving the topic to editorial by using the automated process

When the initiator creates the review, they select the option to end a review when the minimum number of mandatory reviewers has marked their topic review as complete.

Moving the topic to editorial by using the manual process

Authorized editors manually "push" a topic into the editorial stage by using the Move to Editorial button. Use this action when:

  • A mandatory reviewer is not available during the review phase. As a result, the topics assigned to that user cannot be reviewed before the deadline.
  • The initiator didn't configure the automated option for moving a reviewed topic into the Editorial stage when they created the review.

    Move To Editorial

Note: This option is different from the Review "Complete" option, which you use to move all topics in the selected review to the editorial state.

To manually move a topic to the editorial stage:

  1. Open Reviews and select the topic.
  2. In the toolbar ribbon, select Topic > Move to Editorial.