Manually complete a review - Cloud


If you need to complete a review manually (for example, a mandatory reviewer becomes unavailable but you've confirmed the content independently, so you want to end the review early), you can, as long as you have permission.

Manually completing a review moves all topics in the review stage to the editorial stage. This is different from "Move to Editorial", which moves a single topic to the editorial stage.

Who can manually complete a review?

Only the user who created, or an authorized editor assigned to, the review can manually complete it.

What happens when you manually complete a review?

All of the review's topics in the review stage move to the editorial stage. Editors then complete the review in quick-editing mode.

Notifications on the news feed page advise all participants that the topics have been moved to the editorial stage. A message advises that the review stage of the review is complete.

Note: Topics are moved to the editorial stage regardless of whether their reviews have been completed, partially completed, or haven't been started.

To manually complete a review:

  1. Log in to Reviews.
  2. Select the book in review.
  3. Select Review > Complete.

    Complete Review Button

Tip! You can also complete these steps in Library by selecting the book in review, then Complete Review.

  1. Confirm.

    After you confirm, all remaining Review topics in the book are moved to the editorial stage so that they can be edited and saved in quick-editing mode.