Manually complete a review - Cloud


Use the Complete review option to force all topics in the review stage to the editorial stage. This is different from "Move to Editorial", which moves a single topic to the editorial stage.

Note: This option does not depend on topic reviews being completed by the reviewers; topics may have been partially reviewed or they may have been in the review stage but not yet opened by any reviewers.

What happens when the review stage is completed by using "Complete review"?

All topics currently in the review stage move into the editorial stage, in which the authorized Editors complete the review in Contribute.

Notifications on the news feed page advise all participants that the topics have been moved to the editorial stage. A message also displays advising that the review stage for the review has been completed.

Who can "Complete review"?

Only the review initiator who create the review, or an authorized editor assigned to the review can use the Complete Review option.

To manually complete a review:

  1. Log in to Reviews.
  2. In the table of contents, select the book in review.
  3. Select Review > Complete.

    Complete Review Button

  4. In the confirmation message, click Yes.

    When the action is complete, all remaining Review topics in the book are moved to the editorial stage so that they can be edited and saved in Contribute.