Manage currently open reviews - Cloud


You can inspect and manage reviews in multiple ways:

  • Display the review summary: Participants see an active review and its review summary in the contents pane.
  • Display and edit a review form: Initiators see a pending review in the newsfeed. You may also edit or view the review form settings.
  • Monitor the News Feed page for recent participant actions, reminders, and suggestions.
  • Monitor the Contents pane for further status changes on reviewed topics. For example, a topic changes appearance from black text to orange text, indicating that someone else has commented after you have completed the topic.

Who can see a review in the table of contents pane?

Any of the following can see a review, so long as they have sufficient permissions to the content and the release states:

  • Any participants added as mandatory or optional reviewers or editors (other than the initiator) - once the review has started.
  • The review initiator - as soon as they create the review. The initiator can edit the review settings, but cannot view any topics added to the review before the start date. The book appears without an icon for expanding the contents. The initiator can also delete a review if the review has not reached its start date.

    Note: Members of the Author-it Admin security group have the same view as the initiator, if they have the appropriate release state and folder permissions.

Two Current Reviews

The X1000 User Guide and X2001 User Guide are currently in review. Expand these reviews to display the book's contents, and view the reviewers and editors added to these reviews.
The X2001 User Guide has 25 topics requiring comments.

Two Current and One Advance Review

The Zippedy Inc review has been created but has not started yet. It appears in gray text, and you cannot expand its contents.
Only the initiator of this review sees this book in the contents pane.

Why is the Review I created still active, although it is past its end date and time?

This is likely because there is at least one Mandatory Reviewer who has not yet completed the Review. Manually complete the review to force all topics to the Editorial stage, or request that that person complete their review.