Initiate an Approval review type - Cloud


The Approval review option enables you to send content for a formalized approve-or-reject type review. Reviewers must choose to either approve or reject each topic in the review. If they suggest changes to a topic, the topic is rejected and goes to an Editorial release state in order to incorporate suggested changes.

An Approval review also enables an authorized reviewer to "sign-off" the content for release if it has been approved by an approver. The sign-off is not a digital signature but a recorded event change in the history of the object. This enables the sign-off to be retrieved in the future if necessary.

To set up an Approval review:

  1. In Reviews, open the Review form.
  2. Click the Approval option.
  3. In the Book to review field, type the name of the book you want to review, or open the advanced search to look for the book in folders.
  4. Select the release state your topics need to be in for the approval review.
  5. In the Reject state field, select the release state your topics move to if they are rejected. For example, Editorial.
  6. In the Approve state field, select the release state your topics move to if they are approved. For example, Release Ready.
  7. In the Start and End review fields, select the date and time you would like your review to start and end.
  8. From the Review participants list, select the people you want to approve and sign-off your topics.
  9. Click Save to start your review.